Mentoring Services


I am now offering mentoring services for those that would like a bit more help in their studies for CCIE Routing and Switching.  These services are private, one on one sessions, not group sessions offered by others, therefore will be limited in number of candidates at any given time.  The mentoring will be performed through email, voice (Skype for international candidates) and/or WebEx.  The rates are as follows:

1 Hour 5 Hours 10 Hours
US$250 US$1,000 US1,750

 First session will include an extra half hour introduction period, so I can determine where you are in your studies.

The 5 hour and 10 hour options can be spread out over 30 calendar days from first session, how ever you'd like.  Time must be used within 12 calendar months from purchase.  Voice and WebEx will be in 1 hour blocks.  Email time will be dependent on scope of questions as determined by me, with a .25 hour minimum.

The intent of these mentoring services is to help those trying to achieve their CCIE Routing and Switch, not as a consulting service.  Those are available through us as well, but at a different rate structure.

Payment will be through PayPal. 

If you are interested, please contact me at